Frequently Asked Questions

Collins Auction Service L​LC

Q:  What are transitional services?

A:  Transitional services are a service that we offer to individuals that are in need of help when a loved one is transitioning from a home to a different location. This can include moving a loved one to an extended care facility, moving in with a family member or in need of downsizing.

Q: What services do you offer?

A:  We offer services that include move out, move in, clean-up, liquidation of assets that the individual can not take with them, assistance in finding a suitable place to live as well as reference to attorney assistance if needed. 

Q: What if my loved one has passed away? How can we sell what is left?

A:  There are many options. First, we will need to contact legal assistance to settle the estate. Is the remaining property legal to sell? We can put you in contact with legal help that will answer all of the legal matters that will arise. Second, the method of sale can be discussed but historically, an online platform will perform very well. We can market your loved one's valuable items to a national audience and achieve market value. The final step is listing the personal property with Collins Auction Service. We will draft a contract with the estate executor and begin to inventory the property and list it in an auction.

Q: Do you only work with local individuals?

A:  Yes and No. We can travel to assist you in almost any way but will be taken on a case by case basis. If you are in need of assistance in North Central Montana we can generally make it work. If you are unable to be present through the settlement process we can work with you in any way we can to make your transition as smooth as possible. We have worked with individuals that are out of state that have business locally. 

Q:  Do you only sell personal property?

A:  No. We have the ability to sell everything from the household items to farm and ranch equipment as well as the real estate if that is what you need. We will work with you to find the best fit for your needs.

Q:  Do you only offer this service to seniors or families of seniors?

A:  No. We can assist in moving or clean up of a property for many reasons. If you are moving to a smaller place and need to downsize you estate, we can help you. If you have a storage locker that is full of valuable items that you would like to sell, we have platforms that we utilize to sell the merchandise online to appeal to a larger crowd.

Q:  Why would we use an auction company to sell items and not have a garage sale or tag sale?

A:  By contracting a professional auction company to sell your items you are ensuring that you will recieve a report of what sold, how much it sold for and in many cases who it was sold to. A reputable auction compay is more accountable than an unregulated market of "Tag Sales".  Also, auctioneers are marketing specalists.  We have the ability to put your items in front of a larger crowd and competitive bidding will ensure that your items will sell for top dollar on that day.  If you choose to use the auction method of marketing and decide to sell to the highest bidder, without reserve, then you know that on the day of the auction everything will sell. You will not have to figure out what to do with anything that does not sell.